Plan for Success

Operational Excellence Begins with a Sound Enterprise Strategy

Individuals responsible for business, technical and technology are continuously challenged to create opportunities for new business outcomes by defining next generation business platforms.

Success is dependent on your ability to deliver scalable business systems that adapt to changing business requirements in a cost efficient manner. Achieving this goal requires a series of complex decisions that make the right trade-offs between sometimes conflicting objectives, allow acceptable time to market and preserve business continuity.

Accretive's X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform can help you design future-proof architecture and validate that your strategy will continuously meet business cost, scalability and performance requirements. Additionally, you can use X-Act to anticipate and reduce the future effects of aging due to adaptation, technology upgrades or redundancies.

Accretive customers across industries have used the X-Act Platform and methodologies to deliver 10X the volume of traditional architecture—using the same or less resources with a much higher quality of service. How can we help you?

Build a New Architecture

You can use Accretive's library of 10,000+ pre-built models and assets to inform decisions and prove that the proposed architecture will meet business requirements. Much in the same way computer aided design (CAD) software is used to conceptualize and simulate the performance of everything from buildings to space stations, the X-Act Platform allows you to quickly develop new business, technical or technology architectures, expose and remediate risk across domains, and share information with executive, development and operational teams as needed to gain feedback and/or buyoff.

Evaluate the Impact of Planned Changes

The increasing dynamic complexity of the modern enterprise makes it difficult for architects and CTOs to instinctively manage change. The X-Act Platform provides you with a unified view of how changes within any layer of the stack will impact business outcomes—along with the tools necessary to expose dynamic complexity risks across domains. Whether preparing for a corporate merger or evaluating the impact of outsourcing services, X-Act Insights allows you to quickly model existing systems and evaluate how proposed changes will impact the cost efficiency, scalability and performance of operations.

Identify Opportunities for Business Transformation

Architecture strategies must evolve to better meet business demands for innovation and deliver real value to their organizations. The X-Act Platform can help you become a pragmatic change agent by offering advanced modeling and what-if capabilities that can be used to expose risks across business, operating and customer models and explore opportunities to better manage dynamic complexity in ways that ultimately allow your organization to cut costs, improve efficiency and take advantage of emerging trends and technologies.