Uncover New Opportunities to Optimize Performance

Expose Cost and Performance Inefficiencies. Identify the Path to Improvement.

In the modern business era, executive leaders are increasingly called upon to discover new ways to operate better, faster and leaner.

To meet high performance imperatives and ensure long-term success, businesses must continually optimize systems to improve agility while maintaining the right balance between time, cost and quality. But the growing complexity of business systems impedes progress towards these goals by disrupting services, diminishing returns and inflating costs.

The use of Accretive's X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform helps business and IT leaders understand how the current system (business, IT or both) is being limited with respect to efficiency, cost and throughput. Additionally, the platform suggests improvements that can be made to optimize systems across organizational silos, improve economies of scale and boost agility.

Identify the Root Cause and Resolve System Performance Problems

Using the X-Act OBC Platform, you can accurately pinpoint the root cause of an increasing cost base and/or decreases in quality of service across business and IT silos. With the ability to aggregate and analyze data across all dimensions of services, you will become aware of new strategic opportunities to cost-effectively build agile systems, anticipate what’s coming next and react to changes before negative impacts are realized.

Use Benchmarking to Uncover Better Ways of Operating

The X-Act OBC Platform will enable you to execute multi-dimensional comparisons (across corporations, services, processes, implementations, infrastructures and platforms) that are forward-looking and directed at uncovering new and better ways of operating versus a historical review of how things have been done. With dynamic benchmarking capabilities, you can see how your business compares in areas of innovation, agility, standardization and quality–and from that comparison identify opportunities for future improvement.

Reengineering Optimization

With reliable foresight into the factors that cause cost inflation, reduce throughput or diminish quality, you can use the X-Act OBC Platform to create a change program that will measurably improve production efficiency, provide cost savings benefits and meet long-term high performance objectives. In much the same way CAD/CAM is used in engineering and design, the X-Act OBC Platform allows you to test ideas, validate plans and build operational models to perfect strategies before any investments are made.