Monitor Systems to Maintain Optimal Performance

Proactively Identify Risks and Take Corrective Actions at the Right Time.

Today many business and IT teams reactively address performance problems out of necessity—rather than choice—because they are unable to reliably predict the future behavior of complex business systems.

Accretive's X-Act® Control helps businesses meet performance objectives by monitoring systems to expose future performance issues and recommend strategic actions that business, information and technology managers can take at the right time to maintain optimal performance.

When business, information and technology managers can predict future performance issues with increasing accuracy and confidence—and then take strategic action to improve this predicted future—competitive advantage can be won.

Preemptively Expose Performance Risks

Using X-Act Control, you can proactively expose threats within managed systems caused by changing complexity across business and IT silos. X-Act Control extends beyond traditional performance monitoring tools to help you predict future performance issues with increasing accuracy and confidence. With the ability to predict known patterns using historical cases and the added ability to predict new patterns using advanced forms of mathematical emulation, you can identify future risks even before systems exhibit unexpected behaviors.

Correct Problems Before Performance is Impacted

The vision of high performance becomes reality with the use of computers that can process billions of bits of data, analyze the data via machine-learning algorithms, and package the insights for your immediate use. X-Act Control uses predetermined mathematically driven rules to automate the analysis of complexity risks in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, and recommend the appropriate corrective actions needed to maintain optimal performance. Additionally, you can automate remediation to create self-healing systems that respond in real-time to changing dynamics with minimal intervention.

Be Prepared to Act in an Ever-Shrinking Window of Opportunity

X-Act Control delivers timely alerts to help you monitor potential threats and clearly understand the business impacts. With detailed reporting and analysis of exposed threats and recommended solutions, you will be empowered to quickly make decisions and take timely action to avoid performance issues in an ever-shrinking window of opportunity.