Deliver Production-Ready Applications

Fulfill Business Requirements, Speed Development and Manage Operational Risk.

Today many companies face escalating costs, production delays and operational risks due to system development and testing inefficiencies.

Accretive's X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform supports a shift towards strategic business management of IT production by providing development and testing teams with the communication, planning and monitoring capabilities they need to proactively ensure the quality of systems and fulfillment of business requirements.

Using the X-Act Platform, it becomes possible to quickly, cost-effectively and exhaustively test systems against business requirements, discover performance issues and develop the appropriate remedial strategy during any phase of the systems development lifecycle (SDLC). With these capabilities, testing can be elevated from the burden of IT production to a strategic asset that can be used to keep systems running efficiently and predictably – as needed to accelerate business growth and satisfy end customers requirements. How can we help you?

Define System Specifications to Meet Business Requirements

Use X-Act to help bridge the IT-Business gap by providing the framework and knowledge base needed to map functional requirements to non-functional requirements (NFRs). By understanding which key performance indicators (KPIs) and NFRs will be tested from the project start, you can ensure systems are built to meet the full scope of business requirements and avoid late stage surprises.

Make Informed System Design Decisions

With advanced predictive emulation, the future behavior of dynamically complex systems can be accurately predicted using the X-Act Platform to understand the outcome of system design decisions and design to avoid the dynamic factors that destabilize systems in production. X-Act's pre-built models and benchmarking capabilities can help you explore how complex systems will behave in real world production environments. With these findings, you can identify the optimal system build to maximize performance, minimize risks and meet future scalability requirements.

Exhaustively Test NFRs

By adopting a predictive model-based testing approach, development teams can quickly and exhaustively test business non-functional requirements (NFRs), identify defects early in the SDLC and understand necessary remedial actions—while the problem is still solvable and remediation is still practical.

Avoid System Build and Integration Issues

Test early and often using the X-Act Platform to quickly execute thousands of complex test cases. The X-Act Platform can help you interrogate and monitor system development in real-time. And deal with any identified issues immediately to avoid costly development redesigns or delays late in the lifecycle.

Forecast Impact of Changes on Operations

When new business drivers make production systems changes necessary, you can use the X-Act Platform to forecast the impact of planned changes and expose any hidden project risks.