X-Act Control: Performance Monitoring

Real-time Surveillance. Right-Time Improvements.

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X-Act gives businesses the foresight they need to control risk and improve performance. Learn how...

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Real-time reaction to performance problems is no longer fast enough. To consistently meet business requirements, operational teams must move ahead of real-time by fixing problems before they appear.

X-Act® Control helps keep business processes running efficiently and cost effectively by monitoring the health of systems in real-time, identifying risks caused by changing complexity and providing prescriptive recommendations to those empowered to act at the right time—before problems impact performance.

Real-Time System Health Surveillance

predictive analytics provide right-time system surveillance

With advanced visualization capabilities, X-Act Control presents the overall health of managed systems in a single screen—from which users can drill down to explore the health of individual system components across IT silos. X-Act Control preemptively displays any circumstance or event under which changing complexity may negatively impact the health of managed systems.

Automated Diagnostics and Remedial Decision Engine

identify and correct problems at the right-time with prescriptive analytics

X-Act Control uses predetermined mathematically driven rules to automate the analysis of complexity risks in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, and recommend an appropriate mitigation strategy. Using machine-learning sciences, the decision engine organically evolves to cover new and increasingly complex scenarios.

Role-Based Action Alerts

X-Act Control delivers timely information to key stakeholders so they can quickly make decisions and take action to avoid performance issues in an ever-shrinking window of opportunity.

Dashboards and Reporting

Role-based dashboards and reporting help X-Act Insights users monitor progress against plans to achieve performance goals and communicate risks across the organization in business terms.