X-Act Optimal Business Control Platform

Control Dynamic Complexity Risk. Improve Performance.

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X-Act gives businesses the foresight they need to control risk and improve performance. Learn how...

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Changing business complexity creates hidden risk that can unexpectedly impact the performance and efficiency of business processes.

Accretive's X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform combines state-of-the-art predictive analytics, machine learning and automation to deliver the foresight business and IT users need to consistently achieve performance goals.

Monitor the Health of Operations

X-Act actively monitors systems to identify circumstances under which changing dynamic complexity can negatively impact the quantity, quality and/or cost performance of business processes.

Identify Risks in Terms of Business Impact

X-Act helps users identify significant risks across all layers (business, application, server, database, disk subsystems and communication) and understand the risk in business terms.

Accurately Predict New Patterns of Behavior

X-Act uses algorithmic forecasting to predict both known and new patterns of behavior more accurately and faster than big data and statistical approaches—which are limited by their dependence on historical data.

Pinpoint the Root Cause of Performance Problems

X-Act helps users quickly model business, IT and systems to understand interdependencies, expose the root cause of performance problems and anticipate future problems.

Know Which Actions to Take Before Problems Appear

X-Act reduces the time to solution by automating the diagnosis and delivery of remedial recommendations directly to those empowered to act—well before any symptoms of performance problems appear.

Gain Actionable Insights in 10 Days (or Less)

Getting started is easy. A library of over 10,000 pre-modeled components and comprehensive case knowledge base helps users (even those without analytics experience) derive value in 10 days or less—from project start to finish.