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Dynamic Complexity: There’s a Hidden Time Bomb Ticking within Your Business Systems

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How to Identify the Problem and Plan for Success in Dynamically Complex Environments

by Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata and Dr. Maurice J. Perks

EXCERPT: “When users can identify the effects of complexity and realize how complexity drag is hindering business efficiency, they can create a change program that will measurably improve overall business efficiency and achieve desired cost savings benefits, while working to meet long-term high performance objectives.”

ABSTRACT: Today new business challenges arise because the interdependencies between business’s processes, services and infrastructure have become overly complex and exist in a constant state of change, known as dynamic complexity. The impacts of dynamic complexity always result in loss of quality, quantity and/or cost. Most businesses unknowingly witness the effects of dynamic complexity when the performance of business systems unexpectedly begins to degrade—or worse, systems begin to fail.

This paper examines how businesses can proactively and accurately anticipate these points of risk—to act quickly and decisively before the negative effects of dynamic complexity unfold.