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X-Act gives businesses the foresight they need to control risk and improve performance. Learn how...

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Performance problems caused by increasing complexity can be very costly to the business. In the past development and operational teams had no choice but to deal with surprises in production, then react, because performance engineering tools and analytics were unable to accurately predict problems across organizational silos or expose new risks caused by never seen before patterns of behavior.

X-Act® Insights provides users with the tools they need to anticipate how changing complexity will impact performance—in terms of quantity, quality and cost—and execute plans for improvement.

End-to-End Modeling of Business & IT

Using a robust library of over 10,000 pre-defined processes, patterns, infrastructures and platforms, X-Act Insights users can quickly build a single, unified model of all business and technology layers using the product's point and click interface (no previous modeling experience required). This allows users to pinpoint problems caused by complexity that are often missed by other performance and predictive analytics tools.

Prescriptive Recommendations

X-Act Insights eliminates guesswork and speeds time to solution by presenting users with a list of role-based prescriptive actions for current and predicted problems. Additionally, the tool provides automated risk analysis, solution complexity ratings and time to implement estimates, so that X-Act Insights users can access all the information they need to quickly make decisions and execute the right remediation plans from a single interface.

What-If Analysis

Interactive sliders allow X-Act Insights users to easily explore how changes in any layer of the stack (business, application, server, database, disk subsystems or communications) will impact performance. The what-if analysis capabilities help users identify system limits, improve the efficiency of testing, expose hidden project risks and devise appropriate remediation plans.

Dynamic Benchmarking

While many companies can offer benchmarks based on static measurements taken in non-production environments, only X-Act Insights can accurately answer how technologies will perform in dynamic production environments and pinpoint the root cause of performance problems across all layers of the stack. With X-Act Insights users can make more informed purchase decisions, validate whether planned changes will yield the desired results and identify opportunities for improvement.