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Cloud or On Premises? It's Your Choice.

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SaaS and On Premises delivery models each come with a list of advantages and disadvantages. To make the right choice, companies must successfully navigate the tradeoffs between business, security and technical requirements.

X-Act® offers businesses the flexibility to choose between SaaS and On Premises delivery models.

SaaS Cloud Delivery Model

Predictive Analytics as a Service

With subscription-based hosted services, you can get started quickly and focus on business goals rather than IT deployment. We supply the cloud hosted hardware infrastructure and provide users with easy access to X-Act through a web-based portal. SaaS is easy to deploy, flexible and cost-efficient. The service includes the following:

  • Secure product hosting, deployment and maintenance
  • Software and model licensing and upgrades
  • On demand libraries
  • Online training and support
  • On demand remote assistance

On Premises Delivery Model

If your companies has unique integration, regulatory and/or security compliance and/or financial requirements, you may prefer an on premises delivery model. Accretive's on premises delivery model includes the following:

  • Software licensing and upgrades
  • Product maintenance
  • On demand libraries
  • Online training and support
  • On demand remote assistance

To help speed deployment and accelerate time to value , Accretive offers a full range of services to support on premises deployments.