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Delivering Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Business and IT Optimization


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Accretive offers highly accurate predictive and prescriptive analytic capabilities to help organizations thrive in the face of increasing pressures to innovate, contain costs and grow.

By leveraging the power of Accretive’s predictive analytics platform and advisory services, global leaders in financial, telecommunications, retail, entertainment, services and government markets gain the foresight they need to make smart transformation decisions and maximize the performance of organizations, processes and infrastructure.

Accretive’s suite of X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform solutions help companies:

  • Predict future opportunities and business risks
  • Plan for corporate expansion and modernization
  • Improve organizational, process and technology efficiencies
  • Understand impacts of decisions before investments are made

Unlike traditional business intelligence or Big Data analytic approaches that often present confusing and flawed results that cannot be trusted to support executive level decisions, Accretive delivers an unprecedented prediction success rate. Accretive’s team, led by Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata who is renowned for his modeling contributions that enabled safe space exploration, has invested over 20 years perfecting the science behind the company’s X-Act OBC Platform with over 15 patents, a robust library of over 10,000 pre-defined processes, patterns, infrastructures and platforms, and a global team of experts that offer a breadth of analytical skills, risk management and business intelligence expertise, as well as IT and business process management knowledge.

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in New York, NY and offices in Omaha, NE and Paris, France, Accretive is a privately owned company with hundreds of customers worldwide.