Top Research Firm Recognizes Accretive Technologies for its Ability to Support Smarter IT and Business Decisions with Advanced Predictive Analytics

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Top Research Firm Recognizes Accretive Technologies for its Ability to Support Smarter IT and Business Decisions with Advanced Predictive Analytics

EMA’s Impact Brief Highlights Accretive’s Unified IT-Business Analytics as a Step Above Traditional BI and Big Data Approaches Based on its Ability to Reveal Previously Unknown IT and Business Planning Insights

Accretive Technologies (Accretive) today announced that a new report from top market research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) has recognized Accretive for the successful deployment of unified analytics across IT and Business at a major European bank  with assets of over US$2 trillion. On the heels of celebrating ten years of helping industry leading companies cut costs while improving business performance, EMA analysts sat down with one of Accretive’s blue chip customers to further understand how Accretive’s X-Act Platform is improving the business value of analytics.

“I saw value in Accretive because it can address both business and IT performance holistically,” said one of the lead technical advisors for the bank.  “With unified modeling and analytics across both business and IT, Accretive can tell you where problems exist, where they are likely to materialize in the future and how planned changes on all fronts may affect outcomes.”

As the person in charge of developing international service capabilities, the bank’s technical advisor wanted to evaluate which system platforms would be most effective for a new deployment.  Accretive helped his team run a set of requirements across the various components to assess workload optimization, application performance, along with business activity and business process related variables. “Accretive makes investments in new resources, if they’re needed, a fact-based discussion with clear business context,” the technical advisor added.

Ultimately the complete deployment of the new service requires looking at components across the entire IT food chain – including networks, systems, databases and application interdependencies right down to the endpoint. The technical advisor explained, “we absolutely need a system that can withstand the unpredictable loads from digital banking and we know Accretive will help us make the intelligent choice.”

At a time when advanced analytic solutions are poised for unprecedented industry adoption, as noted by leading analyst firms, Accretive has developed a methodology that has the potential to displace costly traditional, statistical based solutions that provide limited business-level value, require highly specialized resources and often produce unreliable predictions.

While many organizations have made great strides in the adoption of analytics, most are not yet realizing the full potential of their investments. Predictive analytics with advanced mathematical modeling capabilities help companies deal with the growing complexity of business and make critical forward-looking decisions with confidence.

EMA’s Perspective

Accretive’s value is optimized for long term predictive and “what if” planning versus all the details governing device-specific remediation.  Moreover, Accretive’s mathematical versus statistical method of modeling clearly places it in an advantaged position vis a’ vis over operations centric analytical tools.

Dennis Drogseth, EMA VP stated, “EMA is optimistic that as the company and its X-Act Platform continue to evolve and gain critical mass in deployments, it’s value will become more apparent to enterprise and service provider environments seeking a truly unified approach to IT and business transformation.”

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