Accretive Technologies Passes 10 Year Mark as Industry Innovator in Predictive Analytics, Poised for Explosive Growth

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Accretive Technologies Passes 10 Year Mark as Industry Innovator in Predictive Analytics, Poised for Explosive Growth

X-Act Product Success Soars, with over 300 Companies Improving Business Performance using Accretive’s Advanced Predictive Modeling Solutions

Accretive Technologies (Accretive), the pioneer of advanced modeling techniques based on mathematical analytics, is celebrating 10 years of providing breakthrough solutions for industry visionaries like McDonalds, Credit Suisse, La Poste, Thompson Reuters and hundreds of other companies. During this time, Accretive has honed its predictive analytics platform and expertise resulting in the most trusted yet forward-looking offering in the market today.

At a time when advanced analytic solutions are poised for unprecedented industry adoption, as noted by leading analyst firms, Accretive has developed a methodology that has the potential to displace costly traditional, statistical based solutions that provide limited executive-level value, require highly specialized resources and often produce unreliable predictions. In a recent analyst report by Enterprise Management Associates, Vice President Dennis Drogseth explains that “Accretive bridges traditional approaches to BI and Big Data with a clearly defined vision of the more dynamic linkages between IT services and business outcomes—with an eye to business transformation. Accretive modeling, simulation and predictive technologies allow the discovery of unknowns and make ’what if’ analysis affordable.”

Unlike traditional business intelligence or Big Data analytic approaches that rely on massive volumes of historical data and unreliable statistical methods, Accretive’s X-Act solution leverages a patented approach to predictive analytics that helps executives confidently and decisively avoid risks and improve business performance across the enterprise. Drogseth notes, “The technology maps data center architecture and IT service performance interdependencies to critical business systems, for instance, a critical in-house payment system or customer-facing credit-approval system. These in turn are analyzed in context with broader operational and business efficiencies.”

Accretive’s founders, led by Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata who helped develop modeling capabilities for successful space exploration as well as breakthrough computer aided modeling solutions for the automobile industry, have invested over 20 years perfecting the science behind the company’s X-Act Platform with over 15 approved patents, 7500 libraries and a global team of experts that offer a breadth of analytical skills, risk management and business intelligence expertise.

“While Big Data analytics help companies gain historical perspective, they alone cannot arm business leaders with the foresights they need to plan for the future,” said Dr. Nabil Abu el Ata, Founder and CEO of Accretive Technologies. “Our customers successfully avoid impending crisis and achieve optimal business performance by using Accretive’s patented X-Act Platform—which includes highly sophisticated algorithms like the ones trusted for space exploration—to predict and prescribe solutions to future problems which cannot be identified using historical or statistical approaches.”

Accretive customers include some of the industry’s most well-known innovators and respected household brands like British Telecom, US Cellular, London Stock Exchange, McDonalds, Credit Suisse and Thompson Reuters, among others. Customers gain positive ROI by using Accretive’s proven process to improve business performance, maintain competitive market advantage and identify hidden risks.

“As in most industries, the need to innovate within the postal sector is driven by customer demands for new services and competitive pressures,” said Alain Roset, Director of Transformation Strategy for La Poste France. “Strategic technologies, like Accretive’s advanced analytics, help us make more effective decisions, neutralize risks and plan for the future.”

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